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Authored by Kasper Weibel Nielsen-Refs <> on Sep 11 2018, 10:59 AM.


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Kasper Weibel Nielsen-Refs <>Sep 11 2018, 10:59 AM
R23:08b2bf68f5a6: Update docs to fix func name
R23:c56799753657: Merge pull request #1 from google/master
Kasper Weibel Nielsen-Refs <> committed R23:3c97bca8e86e: Merge branch 'master' of (authored by Kasper Weibel Nielsen-Refs <>).Sep 11 2018, 10:59 AM

Merged Changes

08b2bf68f5a6Joey Lee/Aditya Atul Tirodkar
Update docs to fix func name 
Aug 7 2018
e9c59313803bAditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Update for release 1.15.0 
Aug 3 2018
1440e5d5c47fAditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Updated Analytics Config 
Aug 3 2018
c87440f3c177Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Update 1.14.0 => 1.15.0 for 1.15.0 release 
Aug 3 2018
c1e26d5ed9f4Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Add doc for FTRShakeTest 
Aug 1 2018
e5d07a6ac799Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Update backward compatibility doc for iOS 12 
Aug 1 2018
4ccb9d08b240Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Change invalid example in API docs 
Aug 1 2018
3a2f6e229137Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Fix formatting in FTRLocalUIWebViewTest 
Aug 1 2018
0d207412cf20Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Update Analytics Configuration 
Aug 1 2018
36e93eb8ae34Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Remove redundant licensing blurb from Podspec 
Aug 1 2018
ba13b6318cecAditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Update EarlGreyExample Xcode Project for Swift 4 Support 
Aug 1 2018
5fec209e5dd3Aditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Formatting changes for Swift and Travis Files 
Aug 1 2018
3102ef3b137fAditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Visibility Checker update for iOS 12. 
Aug 1 2018
00cc65ff3f3fAditya Atul Tirodkar/ khandpur
Fix Accessibility Setup Issue on Devices with Xcode 10 Beta 4 
Aug 1 2018
5064d8ff050aCarlos Sessa/ khandpur
Updated version in carthage doc 
Jul 27 2018